Hello everyone! It’s been a good while since I wrote here as my focus moved away from following the FreeCodeCamp structure, I was learning at a faster pace that I couldn’t keep up with here, and I was working on my final project, a social networking app for dog lovers called “Walkers & Talkies” which you can see here.

I was applying to jobs since May after my graduation from Neue Fische and I landed a job as a Junior Software Developer! It’s been a crazy journey right from day zero here on Medium right up to today. …

Hello all! I hope you are all well, it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote here, as I’ve been busy working in this new bootcamp that I joined up with since the beginning of March, at Neue Fische (German for New Fishes) here in Hamburg.

I spoke with the teacher yesterday and he allowed me to talk about my journey here with you all within reason, so I’ll just keep it short and sweet.

New Directions

The bootcamp has been excellent so far, we started at the very basics of Web Development, looking at HTML and CSS, getting comfortable with…

Hey yall, I’ll be going for a bit of radio silence as I’m now enrolled in an online bootcamp course the next 12 weeks. Hopefully I’ll have time to do the odd blog now and then.

See you soon!

Good morning all! Hope we are all keeping well, had a lot of fun yesterday learning about Destructuring, let’s continue with more ES6 features of JavaScript and thanks as always to FreeCodeCamp for the lessons!

Create Strings using Template Literals

Oh wonderful! Finally something I’ve seen online that I’ve always wanted to know, incoming big itch about to get scratched!

Template Literals. What are they? Well, when we create strings with string interpolation (where placeholders are set in a string and later replaced with their desired values), we connect a template string sentence together with our key variable words slotted in the placeholders for…

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and feeling rested and ready to join me learning more of ES6 with FreeCodeCamp, let’s jump back in and take a look into the Destructuring Assignment..

Extracting Values from Objects with the Destructuring Assignment

Destructuring assignment is a syntax that allows you to assign object properties or array items as variables. This can greatly reduce the lines of code necessary to manipulate data in these structures. There are two types of destructuring: Object destructuring and Array destructuring.

- digitalocean.com

We all remember how to get to the value of an object by parsing through the Dot Notation right…

Good morning my dears, are we all keeping well? Thanks for joining me on this section of ES6 Part 2. Today we’ll look at arrow functions and some other flexible tools. Let’s crack on! Cheers as always to FreeCodeCamp for the lessons.

Arrow Functions

Arrow functions help us write concise anonymous functions. What do we mean by this? Well we often don’t require all functions to have a name, especially when passing one as an argument to another, instead they exist as inline functions. They are for single use and not required afterwards elsewhere.

Take a peek at this syntax:

Hello all, hope you are all keeping well, finally we are starting on a new sub-topic within JavaScript! I always write up notes on each chapter in my Notes App on my Mac, we managed to reach 100 chapters! Let’s get started on ES6 with FreeCodeCamp.

Introduction to ES6

But what is this mysterious ES6? Well, up until now, we’ve been learning the standardised version of JavaScript, also known as ECMAScript, or ES for short. This term and JavaScript are interchangeable.

Until now, we’ve been covering ES5 which was finalised in 2009, it can still be used to code, however much like other…

Hello all! A fine good evening to you tonight, let’s get back into this JavaScript business then shall we? Let’s finish up on a bit more Recursion for today, keeping it short and sweet. Cheers to FreeCodeCamp for the lessons.

Using Recursion to create a Countdown

If like me you’ve always wanted to create a countdown with Recursion through JavaScript, well you’ve come to the right place buddy!

We now know how to use recursion instead of a for loop, now let’s look at a function which by using recursion, returns a series of integers into an array, starting from 1.

Firstly we need a…

Hello everyone (and welcome to the new people who joined yesterday!), I hope you are all doing well, today we’re going to look a little into different types of random number generating, then we’ll move onto the parseInt() function used in JavaScript and a bit about Radix. Finally we’ll check out the Conditional Operator, also known as the Ternary Operator.

Thanks as always to FreeCodeCamp for the lessons.

Generating Random Fractions

If we want to create random behaviour in JS, we can do so by creating random numbers. The Math.random() function generates a random decimal number between and including 0 up to…

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. We’re almost there with JavaScript Loops, we’re heading into chapter 89, FreeCodeCamp does not mess around! Thanks to them for the lessons.

JavaScript Do..While Loops

Another type of loop that we can work with is a do..while loop, and basically takes the framework of a while loop and turns the execution order of its condition and statement around. So, where a while loop says “while this is happening (condition), do this (statement)..” and do while loop says “do this (statement)… while this (condition) is happening”

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