Learning to Code: Day 0.

I have always been interested in coding. I just never had the nerve to dip my toe into it. It all makes me a bit woozy and feels like looking at the matrix or something, and well my only previous experience was using Putty as a kid and sending an email to a friend pretending to be Santa. But that’s literally it (A friend taught me that in an afternoon).

I’ve been listening to the Learn To Code With Me podcast and I’m plucking up the courage to start a blog as I learn. Since I moved to Germany it’s been really hard to find something to get stuck into that is rewarding and holds long term job prospects. One sunny afternoon during Kurzarbeit (the German for being furloughed) I tried my hand at Python 2 for a couple days and then heard about Python 3, an updated smoother Python 2 as far as I know, which was slightly different in execution. Oh man, the feeling I’d wasted my time was a bit overwhelming so I gave it up there and then.

But now I’m giving it another go and I hope blogging here will become a useful track for others to follow my progress and maybe inspire others to do the same. I can’t recommend the podcast enough, it’s really inspiring. I also got signed up and started on Codecademy and one of my close friends recommended CodeWars where you can take little challenges and tasks, as you learn along the way.

I hope to study Informatics or Computer Science next year so I have a goal set, and if you can, please suggest in the responses anything of use at such an early stage.

Side note: I love the work where you just grind. I love a good challenge so will try my best this time not to slide.

So here goes. Wish me luck.

Step by step, learning to code with FreeCodeCamp