Learning to Code: Day 15 — Applied Visual Design Part 5

Using a CSS Colour Gradient to Create a Striped Element



border-radius: 20px;

width: 70%;

height: 400px;

margin: 50 auto;

background: repeating-linear-gradient(


yellow 0px,

red 40px,

white 40px,

black 80px





Create Texture with Subtle Patterns in the Background Image

Change the Size of an Element


.ball {

width: 40px;

height: 40px;

margin: 50 auto;

position: fixed;

background: linear-gradient(





border-radius: 50%;


#ball1 {

left: 20%;


#ball2 {

left: 65%;




<div class=”ball” id= “ball1”></div>

<div class=”ball” id= “ball2”></div>

Scale an Element on Hover

div:hover {






Step by step, learning to code with FreeCodeCamp

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Hugh Burgess

Hugh Burgess

Step by step, learning to code with FreeCodeCamp

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