Learning to Code: Day 26 — Flexbox Part 2

The Justify-Content Property

Creating a flex property doesn’t always give us the right kind of spacing within the containing element. Also, there is a main axis that runs through the container for both flex row items and flex column items (horizontally and vertically, respectively). Here’s an example from w3.org showing the main axis:

Use the Justify-Content in the Tweet Embed

Remember that tweet we looked at in the last lesson? Let’s apply a justify-content: space-around; to the .profile-name selector. Note the subtle change in the positioning of the twitter name and the space between the two titles:


The Align-Items Property

Along with the justify-content property, there’s the align-items property which moves properties along the cross-axis, instead of the main-axis. Let’s look again at the above explanation from w3.org:

Applying the Align-Items to the Twitter Embed

Let’s apply a align-items:center; to the follow button, which is in a row, so will shrink vertically a little. Note the subtle changes with the before and after:




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Hugh Burgess

Hugh Burgess

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