SideStories VII: It’s Never Too Late

Imagine: you’ve got your dark hoodie on, you’re in a dark room, the matrix is running over your face as you code the next super computer. Nah. It’s not quite like that.

In other news, blogging on here has really been a great asset to me and now this site is featured in The Startup here on Medium! Making waves boys.

But for real, it’s never too late to start learning to code, the application for it in the future is so vast, and I’m pretty sure that school kids are already learning it for jobs ahead in the future that don’t yet exist.

So why would you wanna let a kid take your job? Go ahead and start learning today. That’s the hardest part, getting started. I met a couple of developers at a party this weekend just past, and they were so supportive of me getting started, we’re all in the same boat.

Make yourself a regime like I did, track your progress and aim for something relatively engaging, like at least two hours a day, until you miss it when you’re not coding. That’s when it’s become routine to you.

Step by step, learning to code with FreeCodeCamp