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So I’m working on a little connectivity here between platforms, I’m taking my blogs from this Medium profile and adding them into .html documents in my Github profile. I’m writing them up using and then uploading them using Terminal with the Git server.

I’m thinking this will come in useful later down the line as an easy access for showcasing my work as I go, keeping it all in one place.

The part of this that stands out is that I have to create the viewable document from scratch, all the meta data and the html tags etc so that the page can be viewed. It’s a nice little exercise to keep the memory sharp.

You can view my GitHub repository for Medium here, this link will be updated automatically as I update the repo itself from Terminal.




Step by step, learning to code with FreeCodeCamp

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Hugh Burgess

Hugh Burgess

Step by step, learning to code with FreeCodeCamp

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