SideStories XII: Learning to Touch Type

Hello folks, this one is a bit off topic - I have been practising all day (the first of many) how to touch type on a great site called TypingClub. I thought it might be useful to get this skill down as touch typing can greatly increase productivity and cut down on time (just a couple minutes a day can make all the difference). I am also touch typing right now! I’m currently at about 18 words per minute. It’s not much but practise makes perfect! So here are some tips I thought I’d pass along…

The №1 Rule — Don’t Look!

This comes as no surprise, but try your best not to look at the keyboard as you type. It will greatly help your muscle memory. Speaking of muscle memory, where exactly do we want to rest our fingers?

The Home Row Position

See those little bumps on the F and J keys? Place your index fingers on those, and rest the other fingers on the ASD and KL; keys. Try to always bring your fingers back to this resting position known as the “Home Row”.


It’s important to note posture as you type, as you are engaging in a sort-of exercise. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, looking straight ahead at the screen, and take regular breaks every so often. Don’t forget to blink!

Use Text Edit

Everyone has some form of notes on their computer, I practise on TextEdit, and make sure that the auto-spelling checker is set to off. Additionally, correct your mistakes as your touch type, as that helps improve your skill as you go too.


It’s important to practise at anything that you want to improve upon, but save the website mentioned above in your bookmarks and have a little tap every couple of days. Best of luck!



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