SideStories XVIII: 3Mp10YM3Nt.exe

Hugh Burgess
1 min readJul 11, 2021

Hello everyone! It’s been a good while since I wrote here as my focus moved away from following the FreeCodeCamp structure, I was learning at a faster pace that I couldn’t keep up with here, and I was working on my final project, a social networking app for dog lovers called “Walkers & Talkies” which you can see here.

I was applying to jobs since May after my graduation from Neue Fische and I landed a job as a Junior Software Developer! It’s been a crazy journey right from day zero here on Medium right up to today. I’m super excited to get into this new path and begin a meaningful career.

All in all, I started learning alone in August last year, lost my job in February and focussed on coding full time, joining the campus in March, graduated in May now here I am about to wear clothes that are my own, in an office space that doesn’t have drills or loud music or factory lights or the smell of cleaning cupboards.

If you’re reading this and wanting to get started in coding I can only say dive right in, you will always be learning and be comfortable with being stuck, you can find anything online to help and there is plenty on YouTube and StackOverflow. Take that first step!